About the Program


The Insights Institute is an online resource for adult continuing education. It is an excellent alternative to traditional, classroom-style learning. With your busy schedule, transportation costs, travel time and your own family life to attend to, the Insights Institute is a convenient way to get a quality education in less time and at a fraction of the cost. No more setting aside a weekend to attend a class in a hotel conference room, no more paying for gas, parking, lunch and childcare. You can take classes at home, at your own pace, at a time that works for you. Best of all, we won’t even know if you are in your pajamas. Don’t fix yourself up on our account!

How the program works

It’s up to you. If you like, you can focus on a particular area of expertise, such as disability awareness. Or, perhaps you are a virtual professional and need to augment your business by learning some new skills. “Soft skills,” as they are called, are what determines your “EQ” or “emotional intelligence quotient,” attributes which build trust, loyalty and leadership. These skills are an important aspect of business growth and development, as well as an essential element of job performance, communication, customer service and influence…those vital “people skills” that make you the expert with an edge.

You can freely meander your way through our course offerings, or you can concentrate all your efforts in one area and become certified.

It’s your education; you can design it your own way.

Why take classes at The Insights Institute?

If you are an education coordinator for a social services agency, adult family home, nursing facility or elder care franchise, then you know employee turnover can be a tremendous burden on your business, but most especially it can be difficult on your patients or clients. Unfamiliar surroundings coupled with a revolving door of fresh personnel can add to the emotional fragility of your residents. Feelings of grief, loss and even separation anxiety can contribute to reduce quality of life for residents who require a care provider. By offering your staff the option of online continuing education, you are saving a fortune in “in-house” training costs. You are only paying for courses attended, not a full-time trainer or a part time instructor who charges for travel, food and lodging.

You also save money and aggravation by reducing employee turnover. It is much more difficult to abandon work into which a significant investment of time and training has been made. Employees who receive extra attention through education retain a sense of pride in their work, feel more empowered, confident, capable and competent. Making the investment in your employees inspires them to produce better quality relationships. Relationships are what it’s all about…you’re in the people business, and so are we.

If you are an independent in-home health care provider, enhancing your experience with education can tremendously benefit your career. Not only can you command a better income, you can enjoy specialization which may enable you to pick and choose the type of work that you enjoy most. If you prefer to work with clients who are blind or who have low vision, for example, the more you know about accommodating the specific needs of a person with vision loss can open doors for you in many other areas in addition to general care giving. You might be inspired to become a mobility instructor, a Braille teacher, work with guide dogs, or just provide the best in-home care possible for individuals with low or no vision. Greater prestige, more money, a career track that goes somewhere, increased demand for your specialized skills, the opportunity to teach others…What’s not to like about that?

For entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, you will acquire skills that will help you to grow a more inclusive, dynamic workforce. Learn how to accommodate the needs of workers with disabilities, or improve the quality of your customer service. Online continuing education units (CEU) may be industry mandated if you are insurance, real estate or other private sector professional. Get your annual requirements fulfilled at The Insights Institute.


Depending on your industry mandate for yearly accrued hours of continuing education, you may need anywhere from just a couple of class hours to ten or more hours per year. The Insights Institute offers a certificate of completion after you have taken either a five-hour or ten hour class. Upon request, we will send you a certificate of completion for any of the shorter length workshops or seminars we offer. However, since most industries require a minimum of five hours of class instruction per year, we generally do not provide a certificate for one- or two-hour classes.

About Legendary Insights

The flagship site: Eloquent Insights

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Find aids for daily living, books, resources and information for social services professionals, in-home health care providers and family caregivers.

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Legendary Insights Foundation

A private philanthropic organization established in the name of my beloved husband, Billy Ray Legendary. Funds will be used to help individuals who are blind or visually impaired to achieve their vocational goals.


The Insights Institute is not an accredited educational institution, nor is it affiliated in any way with any other trade school, college or university. Grades achieved through testing and course completion are not applicable to traditional academic records, and cannot be used for college credit. The Insights Institute offers a certificate of completion after a student completes either a five-hour or ten hour class, but in order for certification to be acceptable for CEU credit, students are advised to seek approval from their supervisors, contract managers or industry-specific oversight group for adult continuing education.

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